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Zoroark returns with some meds for Kara.

Zoroark: "Ok these should help sooth the pain that she's feeling. But, Only give her one tablet cuz this stuff is very strong."

Lucario: "I'll give it to her when she is awake she's asleep right now."

Zoroark: "Where do you think she came from ? do you really think someone is chasing her ?"

Lucario: "Well if she wasn't then why would she be injured ? "

Zoroark: " She doesn't seem like she knows much she is seems confused on us helping her. I wonder if the place she came from was a prison ? "

Lucario did not want to think that he was helping a criminal.

Lucario: " Come on criminals know a lot more. With Kara its different."

Zoroark: " Well i gotta go take care of Kara i'll check in tomorrow."

Lucario" Alright."

Zoroark left. Luario was beside Kara again seeing her sleeping.

Lucario; " Where could she come from ? "

the doorbell went off Lucario went to see who it is.

Cop1: "Sorry for disturbing you tonight."

Lucario: "Oh i was not sleeping."

Cop2: " We going to ask you some questions. You see there is a wanted Pokemon on the loose."

Lucario: " What did they do ?"

Cop1: We can't answer that. But, Have you see this Pokemon ? "

They showed him a picture of Kara. Lucario was silent for a moment.

Lucario: "......No i have not seen her."

Cop1: "Alright if you see her call us."

They left and Lucario closed the door.

Lucario: " Their looking for Kara ? I wonder if she really did something bad......But, If she did why did i lied to the cops ?

Kara soon woke up and walked in the living room where Lucario was at.

Lucario: " Oh your up how are you feeling ? Oh i have to give you something help get rid of the pain."

Kara: " Its fine the pain is gone."

Lucario was in shock.

Lucario: " Looks like i owe Zoroark some money."

Kara: " Money ? "

Lucario: " You don't know what it is ? Money is green paper or coins. You use it to get the things you need. "

Kara: "  Is that so ? "

Lucario: " Yes "

Lucario smiles at Kara. She starts to blush and looks away.

Kara's mind: " What is this feeling in my chest and stomach ? "

Lucario: " Look i need you to stay in my house i'm worried that you might be in danger."

Kara: "...."

Lucario: " Besides you don't seem dangerous or anything.

Kara is worried that she might end up killing someone right infront of Lucario since he was the only one that never hurt her.

Kara's mind: " How long can i keep myself from killing someone ? "

Lucario: " Is something wrong ? "

Kara: " Oh nothing i'm just not feeling well in my stomach. "

Lucario: "You have no eaten very much i'll get you some food."

Lucario gave her a plate of food. Kara just picked up the food with her hands and starts eating it and got some of it on her face.

Lucario: "Hey use a fork to eat your getting the food on your face."

He showed her how to eat with a fork and cleaned her face after they ate. He wanted to teach Kara something.

Lucario; " Do you know how to dance ? "

Kara: " Dance ? "

Lucario: "I'll show you"

He put on some music.

Lucario: " Ok here put one arm over my shoulder and the other hold my paw.

Lucario put his arm around Kara's waist witch made her blush.

Lucario: " Now follow my lead. '

They started to waltz as they kept dancing for an hour they started to gaze at each other and were about to kiss. But, Then Zoroark came in.

Zoroark; " What the ? "

Lucario" Zoroark ? I  was just teaching Kara how to dance."

Zoroark: " More like kiss. Looks like you found yourself a girlfriend."

It made Lucario blush.

Lucario: " I only known her for 2 days and besides you said you won't be here tell tomorrow."

Zoroark: "  I left my keys here. I'll go now and try to keep your hands off Kara."

She left. Lucario just went in his room blushing.

Kara: " I wonder what a kiss would feel like."

She started thinking how it would feel like if they did kiss. She smiled from that thought.
No blood and gore in this chapter just some romantic moments XD
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Zorceus Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
zoroark ruined the moment... curses
xXWounded-AngelXx Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so ?
Zorceus Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
I wanted to see Kara and Lucario kiss.
xXWounded-AngelXx Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how come ? 
Zorceus Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
I think it is one of your most cutest couples.
xXWounded-AngelXx Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
a lot of people prefer mewtwo with kara ever since my mewtwo meets kara story 
Zorceus Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
ah, I think that is pretty cute.
xXWounded-AngelXx Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
why ? 
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